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informo carlos weber ... mientras tanto en washington el presidente barack obama en compania de la primera dama visito hoy las instalaciones de la cruz roja..el mandatario agradecio el trabajo que desempena para socorrer a los millones de damnificados del peor desastre que sacudiera a la empobrecida nacion caribena... y a casi a una semana de esos segundos que cambiaron la vida para siempre a un pais y sus habitantes se acentua la desesperacion que comienza a acentuar la violencia.. la muerte en sus calles obliga a cientos de rescatistas a redoblar sus esfuerzos para seguir buscando sobrevivientes, distribuir comida y agua y tratar de poner orden en medio del caos generalizado...en nuestra capital aumentan las donaciones, aunque en algunos casos de productos o enseres viejos de muy poca utilidad para mitigar el dolor de la tragedia...claudia uceda con el informe.. desde muy temprano, mas de 700 voluntarios hicieron largas filas cerca del hospital general de washington para ofrecerse como voluntarios
a developing story in northwest washington. a man and two teenagers were rescued out of there, after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> leon, the dad and the boy is a recovering at george washington. firefighters say they arrived just in the nick of time because of the people called 911. when they arrive, firefighters had to break down the front door of the sea in place home. the 49-year-old man stumbled out. two 15-year-old boys were unconscious upstairs. >> i asked him about his brother. he said, he is unconscious as well. >> james brown received a phone call from one of the boys this afternoon. he is a mentor to the brothers. >> when he called, he said he was falling down and unconscious periodicly. i told them to call 911. he kept going in and out. it was at that tim that i called my supervisor. >> you are dealing with the dead and sons being on the ground. that is all i hed. firefighters say the carbon monoxide levels work through the roof. >> normally in the 30 to 50 range. we had readings of four to 1000. >> the levels were so high the gas had seeped into two adjoining homes.
really come out in full force to help haiti. the greater washington haiti relief committee has received thousands and thousands of boxes full of supplies, now the problem is getting those supplies to the island and that's proving to be be a logistical nightmare. 4-year-old elaine campbell has seen the devastation in haiti on tv and had the same reaction as most of us. >> she was watching the earthquake in haiti and she was thinking about it and wants to donate her toys and clothes. >> reporter: she is one of the people who sorted through thousands of bags and boxes bound for haiti at a dc warehouse. >> this is something we need to do. this is a day of giving back to the community dr. martin luther king's birthday. what a better place to be. >> reporter: there's blankets, bottled water, clothes, medicine. they have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of donation but the trouble now is getting supplies to a country whose infrastructure has been ravaged by the earthquake. >> we are reaching out to companies like federal express, this is what they do. , u.p.s., fedex, we need your help. >>
in washington reportedly think it is all over. but it isn't. so please check out "the factor" tomorrow night. we will be live and have the latest on the race. let's bring in fox news analyst karl rove to and liz. do you have a prediction in massachusetts, mr. rove? >> brown which will be amazing if it hap. the bay state last elected a republican when it reelected ed brook to the united states stat in 1972 and the last time it voted for a republican in an open race was 1966. barack obama carried the state by six points. -- 26 points, excuse me, two years ago and i suspect that we may see brown get elected by three or five or six points. >> bill: what are you basing your prediction on? >> just looking at all of the polls. i'm a skill skeptical of insider advantage at 9 points. all the polls are moving in brown's direction and seems to be a consensus of four or five or six points but that is going to close up tomorrow. you touched son omaha ban on se reasons earlier. he is mingling with the people. she is an elitist. the last minute special interest deals have been stuffed in the held pill. is a bi
to silence phone records. >> late-night comedy gets serious. "good morng washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good tuesday morning. i am doug mckelway. >> and i am greta kreuz. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we begin with adam caskey. good morning. >> it could be another pleasant day today. yesterday was springlike. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50's with a fair amount of sunshine. look at the temperatures. we are anywhere from the mid 20's to the mid 30's downtown. 29 in leesburg. frederick, 30. hagerstown, 37. partly cloudy today. 53. similar sky conditions tomorrow. noticeably cooler. now to lisa baden. >> traffic is very nice pared overnight construction is gone. we have no major problems to report. southbound 270 here heading from 70 to get down to the truck scales is still moving at speed. we have a heavier volume of the yesterday. good on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the s
is the advocacy groups. in 1971. rev. abernathy came to washington and delivered petitions of 3 million signatures, asking that this bill we passed. a number of trade unions throughout the country took on the cause. it is also the passage of the legislation and they were very involved in the state legislature in getting the state to pass holiday bills before we got a federal bill. the advocacy groups whabrought buses to washington so that there would be a public demonstration around the passage of the bill. advocacy groups sponsored petition drives around the country. 6 million signatures were delivered to congress and it is noted that these were the most signatures ever received on behalf of a piece of legislation. stevie wonder recorded the happy birthday song and it was very important. at the time, he probably did not think it was that much of a big deal. it became sort of the national anthem of the movement. also, the fact that the water was going to be out on the mall help attract more people to come out there and support the legislation. he put a lot of his own money into this campaign. he b
to roll up her sleeves and go to washington, and get to work. >> democrat martha coakley is fighting to secure the party 60th vote for healthcare reform. >> if you were fired up in the last election, i need you more fired up in this election. > >> bret: with president obama's election in the balance. election coverage from boston. we have reports from our team and expert analysis from steve heys, a.b. stoddard, charles krauthammer and brit hume. "special report" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to boston. i'm bret baier. special elections even for senate seats normally don't get that much attention. even locally. and very little national notice. but this is filled with story lines that go beyond the massachusetts border. we have team coverage. jim angle is in washington with how it affects the healthcare reform. molly line live at coakley headquarters at boston. we begin with the chief political spore on the dent karl cameron from headquarters also in boston. good evening. >> well, the polls close at 8:00 eastern time. you said it, with the exception of presidential election, the
squad. let's go, jackets. the morning, washington! all right! let's go! >>> each year to the common cold affects billions. >> researchers are one step closer to finding a cure. researchers have mapped the genome of the human rights note virus. it is fairly complex, made up of over 100 viral strains. scientists say cold spring caused different symptoms in different people. >> we continue to seek new viruses that appeared to come from two viruses. a person can become infected with two viruses and exchange genetic material and a third unit virus is form. >> researchers have developed a cheaper diagnostic test for the virus. it is good for asthmatics because calls can be life- threatening. >>> there is debate about tougher warnings for tanning beds. there will be public hearings on the iues. the fda is board many people did not fully understand the risk of skin cancer. some say there is no new science to justify tougher warnings. >>> 6:25. >> times are tough, but president obama wants more money for the nation's students. how much he is asking for and where that money can come from. >> new r
controlled washington. rick klein lass the details. >> reporter: good morning, this one was never supposed to be close. but republicans within striking diance of taking ted kennedy's old senate seat, that has republicans thrilled and democrats scrambling to hold on. >> while no one can replace him, i need your help to follow in his huge footsteps. >> reporter: democrat martha coakley is relying on big political gun. a call to arms for the democratic base while republican scott brown is pitching himself as 9 ultate one-party check on the rule in washington. >> we can send an important messe to washington that business as usual is not how we want to do it. >> reporter: at stake is the democratic party 60-seat place in the senate. a loss would be a severe setback to virtually all of the legislature's efforts. it would sends a huge warning signal about the limits of the president's political poll and the downside of the health care bill. independent voters will be critical on election day, republican brown is expecting to win them but by how much? and how much will show up for the election wit
they see out of washington. a lot of people voting for the president thought they were voting for somebody more centrist or left of center. they're seeing a party of the left wing pushing an ideological agenda at a time people are worried about the economy, their jobs, their income, what's happening in their neighborhoods sothy see a disconnect between what they're worried about every single day and that they see their government doing and politicians doing. >> neil: a lot of the victorious candidates we've seen, virginia, in new jersey, and potentially massachusetts, they've not exactly reached across the aisle but returned to republican roots. not to be democrat-liked as someone phrased t do you agree with that or how would you describe it. >> every case is different but fundamentally what is happening is those people, chris cristie, bob mcdonald, scott brown are talking about basic things. they're worried about the tax burden, worried about the level of spending that's occurring right now. most people know at a gut level this has to be paid for. in terms of healthcare, 85% of americans
on massachusetts. >> what does driving a truck have to do with what is going on in washington? i think coakley made a mistake by allowing it >> i think martha coakley made a mistake. -- >> a signal loud and clear if the people of massachusetts do it, boy it will be heard all around the country. [ cheering ] >> when the president criticized me yesterday, he can criticize me as much as he wants when he talks about my truck that's where i draw the line. >> the president has come because he knows i'm going to win tomorrow and he's trying to get that message out. >> i've heard some horrible stories of individuals intimidating martha coakley, lying down in front of her car, threatening her, threatening her on the internet burning campaign posters and so forth. we don't have a place for that in massachusetts. that is disgrace full and i hope that tomorrow people will go to the polls and reject that kind of campaigning. >> greta: massachusetts governor swift joins us live in boston. it is so close that the big guns cape out for coakley. former president clinton and president obama. if you were the candidat
the healthcare bill. it's really about the lack of civility in washington and no conversation. a lot is done behind closed doors. it's inappropriate. we can do better. >> the latest poll shows brown has come from behind and surged ahead of state attorney general martha coakley who this morning campaigned at martin luther king jr. day breakfast. >> i asked for your vote tomorrow. on tuesday the 19, i would be honored to go to washington and work for you and with you. >> brown attended but chose not to speak at the mlk breakfast and accused coakley of desperation. >> i certainly didn't realize this was a rally for martha and i thought it was inproe inappropriate that she started to ask for people's vote when we're here to remember martin luther king jr. >> reporter: coakley says she took it for granted in the state, led an overly negative race and let brown come from behind in the shortened special election sprint. >> people in massachusetts know my record. they'll vote tomorrow. i think we will have a victory. >> how is it going, boston? >> reporter: president obama slammed brown and the gop
. >> a lot of democrats in washington wished she were the candidate and not martha coakley. the wild card today, the weather. the snow and freezing temperatures are in the forecast for most of massachusetts today. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins to tell us exactly what the forecast is going to look like when folks come home from work today as well and decide if they have time to vote. >> this is going to be interesting, how it affects the actual election voting and turn out today. we have light snow covering most of the state. the worst of it today will be interstate 90 northwards. this is a look at interstate 90 and route 3 right now. we're already looking at heavy traffic. roads are, for the most part, wet, but you can see, it's not a pretty day out there in much of the bay state. the forecast does call for temperatures to go above freezing. the roads should be okay. we're calling for 1 to 2 inches of snow north of the turnpike. kind of the bottom line is people, it's going to take longer to get to work today. it's also going to take longer to get home. that's a little extr
in northwest washington. they're holding a candlelight vigil there. it will start at 4:30. there will be a moment of silence at 4:53, the moment the quake struck. and you can find out how you can help the victims of the earthquake in haiti on our website at nbcwashington.com. you'll find a list of organizations that will be collecting donations. let's take a look outside right now. looks like we have a nice day shaping up. started off pretty chilly. tom kierein can tell us what to expect. >> a view of the white house. we have some sunshine breaking out. as we take a look at the temperatures around the region, we're warming up. we're above average, the seventh day in a row with above-average temperatures. now 45 in washington. near 50 in prince george's county. in fairfax, arlington, and montgomery counties, we're in the mid-40s as well. mid-40s across much of virginia. charlottesville, all the way up to 55. out in the mountains now, they're in the mid-40s, eastern shore, upper 40s now. southern virginia, into the carolinas, the mid-50s. so certainly a mild weather patte
at the launch party for washington's new rightward leaning web site, the daily quarter. >> fundamentally it is a venture. >> in this crowd of politicians, press, and pundits, you can feel the energy in the sense that political fortunes are fluid again. >> it reads like a who's who of the american right. the big bang, a big party. >> the republican party is an older political party. you can see that the president did very well with black, latino, and young voters, and republicans did well with everyone else. >> how does this party reach out? for one political junkie, the kramer bookstore is a washington institution where we compare at -- got our own panel of republicans. >> we need to bring everyone together. we cater to the senior citizens, that is what our party does, unfortunately. >> the party is perceived as being the party of old, white men. focusing on younger voters is the key. people like ourselves stumbled into the republican party, as opposed to being actively recruited. we need to focus on social media that is appealing to younger voters. >> is a larger problem thawe have to l
on massachusetts avenue in northwest washington. it's holding a candlelight vigil starting at 4:30. a moment of silence at 4:53 the moment the quake struck. if you can make it, find out how to help the victims of haiti by going to nbcwashington.com. you'll find a list of legitimate organizations that are collecting donations. there's a link in the middle of the home page. you can search help once you get to the site. >> d.c. police are still looking for four persons who assaulted a manner the anacostia metro station. it happened yesterday evening on martin luther king avenue. the victim was shot and this morning there's no word on his condition. >>> a special election today in massachusetts could make or break health care reform. it's a dead heat for the seat vacated by the late senator ted kennedy as martha coakley versus scott brown. a coakley loss will give republicans 41 votes in the senate and the ability to block health care reform. both candidates are campaigning hard down to the minute. >> we got a ton of energy. everybody knows it's a race. >> not only are her ads negative, they are
sismo que sacudio a haiti, en washington ccccccacp"ca"caccccce las voluntarias en el nuevo centro de comando de ayuda en la embajada de haiti en washington nat! en este pequeno ambiente , mas de 20 voluntarios asten a haitianos en estados unidos a encontrar a sus seres queridos en haiti... "las fami"""""""""""""""""" son suficiente para asistir y coordinar la ayuda humanitaria "nadie se hubiese imaginado un terremoto de esta naturaleza la semana pasada... las llamadas, los correos ""b ""btronic""bue ha recibido la embajada son mas de lo que nos esperabamos...." "aqui en este centro de comando se necesita todo tipo de voluntarios interpretes, abogados y personas que no solamente puedan contestar el telefono por largas horas sino tambien coordinar mucha logistica..." por ejemplo esta estudiante es la unica voluntaria que habla ingles y espanol... se necesitan mas interpretes como ella para asistir a aquellos que hablan espanol y que viven en el borde con republica dominicana... "mi padrastro vive en la republica domini
in the polls over the last week. gregg: shannon bream is in washington, d.c. and shannon, this was supposed to be sort of a gimme for coakley, if i can put it that way. why has this become the political story? >> reporter: you might have it, gregg, from the moment that democrat martha coakley, the democratic in this race, won the primary, that she was christened to take the portion of what ted kennedy's seat so there's a lot of criticism maybe it was too much of a given or assumed to be a given and she didn't run the right kind of campaign. others say this is about bigger issues, national issues, like health care, that's gotten into the race and that's going to boost the republican scott brown. despite what the theories may, even this morning, coakley supporter, massachusets governor tim murray admits this is a tough race. this is what he had to say. >> there's no question about it, this is a horse race but at the end of the day, we're confident as voters go to the polls and do the analysis of who's got a track record of protecting taxpayers' interest, it's martha coakley. >> reporter: and
on 210 at fort washington road. wrap it up with a 26-minute commute on 66 to get you from 123 to the capital beltway. now, over to andrea. >> thank you. >>> an early morning house fire in rockville, maryland has left three people injured including a firefighter. it happened 6:30 at a two-story home near glen nora park. kristin fisher is live with more on the investigation. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this is the house right here. you can clearly see the fire is now out but as you mentioned three people were injured in the blaze this morning. two residents. one refused treatment and the other was take on the the hospital with minor burns and a firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries but no one was seriously injured here this morning thankfully. >> mom was screaming, john! john! john! i was like what the heck is going on. >> hanna moon woke up to a fire inside of their home. >> freaking out mostly. and really scared. so i got, i started to cry really bad and i was like oh my god. >> reporter: hanna's cousin came to her rescue and h
and the potential for an historic upset. msnbc chief washington correspondent norah o'donnell in boston this morning, better known as the cheers bar. you look a lot warmer this morning, norah. give us a sense of -- polls open in an hour. what do things look like now? >> reporter: well, democrats are bracing for a devastating defeat that could hand the republican party 41 votes in the senate and perhaps kill barack obama's health care reform. so they are worried. they are trying to do everything they can at the last moment to try and pull out this race with a get-out-the-vote operation with all the democratic mayors and local polls trying to sort of get out the vote this very -- you know, today when the polls open at 7:00, they close at 8:00 tonight. it's going to be tough. there's already finger pointing about what went wrong during this campaign, whether martha coakley was a bad candidate, whether democrats were asleep at the wheel, whether they didn't recognize the anger and anxiety out there in this country, or that scott brown was a good candidate who was running a stealth campaign with a couple
about destroying barack obama and change in washington. massachusetts, we're headed in the right direction with president obama's agenda. it is a heavy lift. but that doesn't mean we quit now. would ted kennedy quit? we can do this. all scott brown will do is take this country in the wrong direction again. you want to go back to bush-cheney? i am amazed. i can't believe independent voters -- i've been asking myself for the last several days, on the radio show as well, what has this candidate done to garnish all of this good will in the polls from independent voters when he is a top 2% kind of guy? he's not a wall street regulator. he's an anti-labor guy. middle-classers in massachusetts, what has barack obama done to have you turn against him in the 11th hour when we're trying to get something revolutionary done in washington? tell bhme what you think in our telephone survey tonight. dial 1-877-ed-msnbc. my question tonight is, do you think today's special election in massachusetts is a referendum on president obama? press "1" for yes, press "2" for no and i'll bring you the resu
majority is broken. we're closer to the state known as gridlock that takes washington out of the investment equation. a brown victory could spell the end of health care reform. but that's only just the beginning. this is about more than health care. as you can see from the fact that the whole market is rallying, not just health care stocks. the truth is -- let's cut to the truth. all right? not a lot of talk about the truth. let's give you some truth here. the market doesn't like the agenda president obama and the current democrat regime. they see it at pro labor making it easier to unionize against the banks and walmart. whatever your feelings on organized labor the interest of unions are opposed to those of the shareholders, you. that's why pundits say to look for the union label and sell. we don't invest in shares the aflcio or mime workers. we invest when unions are weak? don't like it? take your profits from the scott brown, slash, obama repudiation ral land donate to the pension fund for all i care. how about the iww? obama's agenda a favors stopping pollution over jump starting the e
>>> in washington today, president obama and his family members chose to commemote this martin luther king day reaching out to people in need serving at a soup kitchen called some so others might eat. >>> now to a political upset brewing in massachusetts. it was supposed to be a layup shot, getting a democrat elected to ted kennedy's 47-year senate seat. some democrats thought it didn't matter which democrat they ran. the election is tomorrow, and it turns out it does matter. the special election could affect everything the president nts to accomplish. our report tonight from kelly o'donnell in boston. >> reporter: barely known beyond boston only days ago, scott brown is the upstart candidate on the national stage today. a state senator, brown has kept his republican party label out of his campaign. not on his bus, signs or tv ads. brown offers himself as an independent minded regular guy who gets voters' frustrations over the jobs and the economy. what do you accounts for this kind of response? >> i think people want to bring fairness and good government back to washington. >> reporter: pundi
the lack of civility in washington. >> reporter: ...has gained traction with some voters. >> there's just a hope that, you know, a different approach could turn things around. i just don't believe it. >> reporter: you're voting for coakley. >> definitely. >> reporter: a coakley loss would make waves well beyond the bay state. >> if the democrats can't hold a massachusetts senate seat former senator ted kennedy's seat, there's going to be a lot of democrats who are going to say "wow, i've got to do something to get on the right side of this political dynamic." >> reporter: if brown celebrates a victory here tonight, he's promised to become the crucial 41st vote against a health care reform package that was ted kennedy's life long dream. katie? >> couric: nancy cordes in boston tonight. nancy, thank you. john dickerson in washington is our cbs news political analyst. so, john, what happens to health care reform if scott brown wins? >> well, katie, house and senate negotiators have been working for a while on a compromise bill. that would go out the window because republicans would have the
represe represents a chance to send a message to washington. people describe it in those sorts of terms. we also get a sense that, much like iowa and new hampshire have a real sense of state identity in presidential races, here massachusetts in these couple of days seems to be very aware of how it might affect the president's agenda and the country more broadly and they seem to be taking that very seriously, too. andrea? >> kelly, let's -- stay with me. let's be joined by chuck todd and mike barnicle. chuck todd, host of "the daily rundown" at 9:00 and chief white house correspondent and political director. a lot of titles, chuck. and mike barnicle, veteran massachusetts journalist and nbc and msnbc contributor. first of all, to you, mike, do you have a sense of what it means from what you're seeing on the ground or is it -- what you're hearing from the ground or is it just too early to explain what these voters are trying to tell us? >> no. the interesting thing is -- you could feel it coming for the last four or five days on the ground in massachusetts. you know, elected offi
but it is a causing a little bit of a jog jam. we have more from a haitian embassy in northwest washington. 4-year-old elaine campbell has seen the devastation in haiti on tv and she had the same reaction as most of us. >> she was watching the earthquake in haiti. she was thinking about it and wants to donate her toys and clothes. >> reporter: elaine is one of the hundreds who spent monday sorting through bags and boxes bound for haiti at a dc warehouse. >> this is something we need to do. this is a day of giving back to the community, dr. martin luther king's birthday. what a better place to be. >> there's blankets, bottled water, clothes, medicine the haiti relief committee says they have been overwhelmed by donations but the trouble now is getting supplies in to a country who's infrastructure has been ravaged by the earthquake. we are reaching out to companies like federal express. this is what they do. u.p.s., fedex. we need your help. >> that was kristin fisher reporting. the greater washington haiti relief committee says right now money is what is most needed. anyone who would like to make a
to be strong going into the election day, which is shocking. even a week ago few democrats in washington conceded that brown had a chance to win. it was feared the race was quite a bit closer than expected. but very few people, democrats -- evin all of those thought the republicans would actually wind it he is riding on the wave of the voter discontent and running against a fairly mediocre democratic opponent, and so it looks like he could pull off even more shocking offset. >> how are the campaign's reacting? >> the democrats scrambled in the past week to try to really drive up and sell to the alarm if he will shake and democrats out of their complacency by emphasizing some of the last favorable elements of his record. effect that the democrats are trying to point out why that is. brown and the republicans are just again riding the wave. they are enjoying a lot of energy from their supporters and just trying to maximize that and capture it going into the election day and not use that mojo if you will be for the voters go to the polls. >> was about the voters? what is the mood among vote
. and thousands have begun fleeing the capital. whit johnson has more from washington this morning. whit, good morning. >> reporter: well, the critical rescue hours have essentially disappeared. now aid workers are trying to regroup and do a better job addressing the needs of the homeless and injured. a week after losing everything to the devastating earthquake, many haitians are still scrambling for basic necessities. >> it's not easy to get something to eat. it's not like you can go in the shops. >> reporter: officials now estimate the disaster killed 200,000 people and left 1.5 million homeless. the shear scale of need was enough to convince the u.s. military to do what it had feared was too risky, parachute relief supplies in to haiti. >> just that drop alone provided around 14,000 meals and about 4,000 gallons of water. >> reporter: relief aid is pouring in, but not fast enough. the delay has caused some to turn to other means of survival. looters are fighting over everything from food to toothpaste. doctors are also in desperate need of medical supplies. a,000 patients are waiting for su
talking about is about a political comeback. >> standing room only at the launch party for washington's new right were leaning -- right word leaning website, the daily call. >> it is fundamentally an adventure. >> you can feel the energynd a sense that after a year of president obama that political fortunes are fluid again. [unintelligible] this is a who's who of the american rights. so what did the republicans stand for? >> the republican party as the party -- is the party of [unintelligible] it is a heavily white party. and it is an older political party. you see from the last presidential election, president obama did well with latino voters, black young voters. republicans did well with everyone else. >> from drinking too thinking. how did they reach out? we convened our run panel of up- and-coming republicans at this institution. >> there is a disconnect. we need to bring everyone together. we need everyone to see what our party does. >> i think the biggest concession is that the republicans are the party of old white men. we need to change the face of that theory focusing on the
washington post." the year has been highlighted by a number of domestic and foreign policy challenges. it also tonight, comedy legend bo newhart, celebrating 50 years in show business, including one of tv's true classics, "the bob newhart show." a look at president obama's first year and office -- a look at president obama's first year in office and bob newhart, coming up right now. i>>here are so many things that walmart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better. but mostly, we're helping build stronger communities and relationships. because with your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports "tavis smiley." tavis and nationwide, working to improve financial literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. >> ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs ation from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: dan balz has been covering politics for the boston post more than 30 years now -- for the washington post more than 30 years now. dan, nice to have you
care bill. it is about the lack of civility in washington. the fact there's no conversation. a lot being done behind closed doors and it is inappropriate. we can do better. >> scott brown has been campaigning incredibly hard. the intensity behind him just makes what is going on in the coakley campaign seem to pale by comparison. she has been criticized by democrats for letting this become a personality contest even one that barney frank said she's been losing lately. seemingly detached from things that voters care about not just policy, also personality stuff. like sports she got into a spat with curt schilling red sox former pitching ace. even the president we he was here yesterday had to present an odd paradox. his aides were saying that coakley was probably going to lose. i asked her about those two things earlier. president obama was here yesterday and white house aides have signaled some pessimism about your chances to win. this morning curt schilling said you were out of touch. what did you say? >> i think voters will died i'm not concerned about what curt schilling says. >>
of the people of massachusetts, they don't want some of these programs that are being pushed in washington, d.c. indeed, in tennessee, as in massachusetts, they have been the test case for public option health care. in tennessee the program failed. it nearly bankrupted the state. we saw our costs escalate. our democrat governor has called the program a disaster. we have also seen in massachusetts where only 32% of your population says they think the program is working. and i think your costs have gone up about 20% for health care. >> i can show you the insurance docs that are delighted by this possibility. any plan that expands costs without reforming the system, basically empowering monopolies or unreformed agolopys to retain the status quo. i'm curious politically how you look at scott brown. the reason i ask is, mr. brown does not refer to himself as a republican per se when he represents himself in his own material, that he is basically cam pained as you just described, saying this is the people's seat. he's running on anti-establishment basis as a republican, as opposed to advertising hi
've been talking to in boston and washington tell me they are embarrassed this race seems as close as it does. remember, ted kennedy held this seat for 46 years. and as we head into voting on tuesday, you get the sense this embarrassment is turning into fear. john berman, abc news, boston. >>> president obama will deliver the state of the union address next wednesday. the 2010 state of the union address to a joint session of congress will happen on january 27th a 9:00 p.m. eastern. the address will be broadcast on national tv and will be streamed live on whitehouse.gov. >>> there is order again in afghanistan's capital after the taliban's bold attack on the city yesterday. at least 12 people were killed in the fighting in ka ball. authorities say a group of taliban rebels, including several suicide bombers, blew themselves up at various locations around the city. the heavily armed militants then engaged in a battle at one of the city's most popular spping malls. >>> back here at home, some vocal support for talk show host conan o'brien. fans from around the country staged support r
popping up around the area. washington at 36 degrees. down in richmond, 38, pittsburgh, 33. raleigh, north carolina, 39. and in boston it's 32. now let's go to hd radar. we want to show this to you to show you there is nothing going on t there. we do have clouds. we've been seeing that in satellite. but the satellite radar composites have been showing precipitation. it's not showing up on hd radar so we don't have anything hitting the ground. forecast for washington for today looks like this: partly sunny skies, another mild afternoon, we're going to see our highs into the low 50s. about 52 degrees and that's about 10 degrees above normal so we'll take that. it will be a good one. that's a look at the weather. more coming up in a little bit. back to you. >>> we want to remind you that metro's grosvenor station is open again this morning. the station has closed for extended track work but it opened up this morning at the regularly scheduled time. >>> let's get the latest on the commute from julie wright. good morning. >> and that redline may be your savior this morning because 270 has been
on "the call." >> washington, wall street, main street all focusing on massachusetts where a crucial election is being held to fill ted kennedy's senate seat. some are calling it the people's seat and there's a lot at stake for president obama and his health care reform plan. nbc news correspondent norra o'donnell joins us live from boston with more. norra, we are jealous. you have the story of the day. reporters are calling it a five-alarm fire on both sides. what's it like. >> i thought you were going to say it because i'm at the cheers bar. >> i would like to have a cocktail right now, but it's not fitting into my schedule. anyway, yeah? >> exactly. this could be the biggest political upset of our life time. the democrats are bracing for a devastating defeat. the republicans are hoping for a historic upset. the last time a republican held the seat of ted kennedy, this ted kennedy or the people's seat this, particular senate seat was in 1952 when jfk defeated henry cabot lodge. so republicans feel very energized. i just touched with the campaigns to give you the very latest and a s
will go to washington and represent us. but that being said, the folks that we talked to, not scientific, have said it's in the back of their minds. a lot of them not happy with what they've seen the way health care reform has been pushed forward. they don't think that it will be cost effective, that their taxes will go up, that they won't get the coverage that they need. so, yes, in some ways they're voting against health care reform as the president and democrats have been pushing it forward. scott brown, who has been saying, if he's elected, he will not vote for health care reform. he said, you know, i believe that we should have good health care, but i think this needs to be scrapped and we need to go back to the drawing board. >> that's a whole other thing if he gets elected. thank you for joining us on this one. i want to talk about -- i want to talk about what the numbers are showing right now, what those trends are showing. >>> let's quickly bring in mark preston. he'll talk to us in greater detail. but, mark, give us the headline. mark is cnn's political editor. give us the head
's happening in washington. but because of that special race in massachusetts. we will debate the huge implications of that election ahead this morning with both sides. but first, we want to bring you up-to-date on the latest on the disaster in haiti. s if now estimate that had 200,000 people were killed in that earthquake. and 1.5 million are home rs. there are 23 confirmed american deaths now. doctors there are still in desperate need of supplies and they say they're overwhelmed by the number of injured. the u.s. air force air dropped pallets of food and water outside port-au-prince and officials there worked to unplug the airport bolt neck which is a big problem. in the meantime, we're hearing of more incidents of looting. my partner, harry smith, has been in port-au-prince and he joins us this morning. harry, good morning. we're hearing to the conditions -- about the conditions there will worsening. how are people reacting to this? things are not getting better even a week later. >> reporter: it's very interesting. because this is a tale of many cities. and the glaring headline of
is joining us from washington. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and eric. it is ironic the race to fill ted kennedy's vacant senate seat is the one that could end up killing the current version of the health care reform bill which has passed both the house and senate. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: all eyes are on massachusetts where tuesday's special election to fill ted kennedy's vacant senate seat could very well determine the future of health care reform. >> all of you have an opportunity right now to be part of history to make sure that we send a message to washington that business as usual is not how we like to do business, period. >> reporter: republican state senator scott brown fired up supporters on the eve of what would be a miraculous comeback. he's managed to erase a 30-point lead held in the polls by the state's attorney general, martha coakley. >> voters are going to make that decision tomorrow. i know they want someone who gets results. >> reporter: in a state where democrats hold a 3-1 margin. >> every voice matters! >> reporter: so president obam
that it has to be, without question, there are two. one is the march on washington speech. i was watching it on television. i started out watching it while i was lying down. when it was over i was standing straight up. [laughter] it is something i did not witness, the second thing, something i heard and i read, which is he was sitting in his kitchen after terrorists-type attacks on his family and his talhome and monday was wondering if it was worth it and he felt he was going to give up. the scene was a naked light bulb hanging over his head, of their kitchen table, the profits sitting there, just him and god. he said that at that moment of deep despair and frustration and resignation, he heard the collective unconscious of its people speak, in the words of the negro spiritual, "sometimes i feel discouraged and think my works in vain, but then the holy spirit revives my soul against." and he got up and kept working. >> ok. whoever wants to answer, answer and do it as deeply as you can, please. this could go on a long time. regarding the statement, the constitution is god's dr. meand, wher
at the washington monument. it is chilly outside this morning but really, for this time of year, not bad. good morning. thanyou for waking up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. the latest now from haiti at this hour as the u.s. air fore has begun airdrops over a secure area. there were attorneys concerns this would draw uncontrollable crowd but the need is desperate and getting supplies to survivors industry the aroads is impossible in many places. >> medical crews say they are in need of serious supplies including anesthesia, sutures and saws. the death toll is estimated to be as high as 200,000. we'll have much more on this throughout the morning. >> let's get a check on the forecast here. we turn to tony once again. >> we've got cold conditions this morning but we'll have another mild day today. we'll take a look at the current conditions being report the out at reagan national airport. right now, our temperatures are in the 30s. some of you are in the 20s. at reagan national, it is 3 # degrees. relative humidity, 89%. those winds out of the north at thee miles per ho
they come to the senate here in washington? guest: there is some talk -- the secretary state says there will take 10 days to certify the results. the senate decides exactly when -- actually when members are seated. if it wanted to, it could exceed the winner shortly, in the next few days. there is a lot of talk that the democrats would try to devise a strategy in the event brown wins, to enact a health care before he takes the seat. there is a tremendous reaction to that, and we will see if that happens. the voters haven't spoken, of course. host: brian looney, political reporter for "the boston globe." appreciate your time. now we turn to you. the impact of the special election. texas, fred on the democratic line. caller: good morning. i want to talk to the democrats in massachusetts about what happened in 2002 and how it ties to today. if you recall, released september of 2002, a propaganda blitz by the republican party began to invade iraq. remember that? only a month later, the congress of the united states voted to allow president bush to invade and occupy iraq. we now are in
in residents from across the country. >> walla walla, washington. >> reporter: where are you from? >> pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> reporter: why all the interest? it starts with senator ted kennedy's seat. he's held it for years. this is why his wife vicki hit the trail at the end. >> we need to continue that tradition by sending martha coakley to the united states senate. >> reporter: health care reform, brown would be the 41st united states senator, enough to filibuster and hill health care in the senate. it's not just health care, that extra seat would put president obama at climate change, banking reform. >> a lot of these decisions are going to rest on one vote in the united states senate. >> reporter: and then presidential prestige, the president campaigned in cokopp n copenhag copenhagen. and lost president obama promised to reach across the aisle and govern, and yet scott brown is able to tap into the frustration. >> call it frustration or sadness. >> one thing to keep in mind here, president obama won every county in massachusetts. the deepest blue the ones he won by the
spell, one of the stories we'll stake on top of here at cnn. into washington now, "the situation room," here is wolf blitzer. >>> rick, thank you. happening now, an astounding rescue in haiti. a woman pulled out of the rubble alive seven days after the quake. this hour, new stories of survival and desperate need. >>> the fate of health care reform for all americans is now perhaps in the hands of massachusetts voters. will a republican win ten ked den aformer senate seat and strike a heart at the democrats' power? stay with cnn to find out. i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." the ground split open, haiti was torn apar. at least and the understanding estimates 3 million people are still in need of food, shelter and water right now. all of that unfor thing. we have a lot of questions we want answered in the hours and days ahead, including who is in charge of the haitian government and of relief operations right now. why have there been delays in distributing aid? and how much
this is an anti-washington movement you're seeing. when the republicans are in power, people want to be a democrat and they want the democrats in power. they feel they put the democrats in power, a lot of people don't think a lot has happened since barack obama took office a year ago tomorrow. and i think that's what you're really seeing. and you're seeing republicans energized. the scott brown campaign worked very hard from the day they won the primary and they're in very good position today. >> lenny, i want to ask you about a gaffe made by scott brown a year ago. he responded to somebody pointing out that barack obama -- that his parents were married when barack obama was born and scott brown seemed to throw fuel on the fire of all those tea partiers who think that barack obama perhaps was not an american and was not born to legitimate parents. watch. >> sponsored a build for tax subsidized golf course and against financial aid for red cross workers working 9/11. >> that is my district. >> scott, are you going to explain that vote? >> number two, we were in a financial difficulty and we couldn'
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